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March 15, 2005


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Janice in GA

I'm becoming a big fan of Cascade 220. It's easy to work with and feels good on your hands.

Good luck with all the projects! They sound like fun.


Well said! I don't often even think of what I am likely to wear when I knit - I just knit it. A bit insane, yet very fulfilling. I love the boy's curtain, btw. Newborns don't know or care if they have a room or a handknit or any of that stuff. They need a basket to sleep in and lots of love. I'm sure he'll get plenty of that!


I thought I was the only one who hadn't discovered Cascade 220 (until a month ago). It's great! I think maybe it was Matilda...


Gorgeous start to your new shawl. I have so many projects they dominate my stash. I had to set up a photo album just to press myself to do them!

And yes, it is Matilda based on Ronald Dahl's Matilda. He also wrote Charlie and the Cholate Factory (among other fantastic books for young children and adults alike).


My husband does the same thing. Now, when I show him something, he simply holds his hand up in the "thumbs up" position. My 2 guys (13 & 11) are starting to do the same thing and it's hilarious. My daughter now has 4 WIPs and she's only 10!!! I'm in Portland, too, by the way. Have you gone to Lint on NW Marshall? Oh my God...


P.S. forgot to ask you how you like the Elann yarn. I love your color.


I have to remember the specific-cake line!

For me, it's hard to remember specific Denim, or specific square stuff. Happy knitting on the Kiri. I've seen it in vastly different yarns and it's always good. xoxo Kay


Belated thanks for the awesome fiber and dyeing package! (I'd say it was to dye for, but then I'd just have to smack myself upside the head.) Really, really looking forward to trying it out - thank you so much!

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