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January 23, 2006


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I was thinking as I started some socks today I wish I'd been prepared with the darn Jaywalker pattern. Oh, well--next sock or pair. Who'll notice if I have 2 socks in the same color but different pattern? Probably Seth but no one else.


LOL! Forbidden?! You make me sound like such an evil taskmaster. Your update is duly noted. And they look great.

Oh and thank you for explaining my obsession with these socks. They are just so easy and fun to knit and they come out perfect every time no matter what yarn I use. I love them. Wait until they're on your feet. So comfortable and they don't ever fall down!


Lovely photo of your jaywalkers! I like the little yarn cake. It looks like a fancy dessert.


ah, delicious orchards. i miss their donuts. mil sent us some a while back. we savored every last bite.

glad you had a nice visit back east. :)

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