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May 14, 2006


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Sorry your show was a disappointment. Was it a case of no customers or just not the right customers? I used to do the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle and it really varied a lot from week to week.


I'm moving to Portland within the next six weeks, and I was really excited to hear about the Crafty Wonderland. I'll certainly stop by your table if I'm out there in time for the next market.


Oh man! I thought that was you but I didn't want to say anything if it wasn't. I was up onthe stage with a friend (http://www.neverfeltbetterbyjen.com)

sarah gilbert

you know what i realized? there's a silver lining -- see, i haven't taken photos of all my great slings and birds, yet. once i do that, they'll sell instantly. i'm sure of it :)

oh and jessica -- there were tons of people, and lots of our appropriate market, pregnant moms and hot moms with little boys and girls *just the right size* and grandmas and grandpas galore. i guess they'd just already spent their money.

i also got the feeling that lots of the people there were looking for ideas for their own craftiness, not buying stuff. i told larissa we should try last thursday on alberta so maybe you'll see us there next week (near zaytoons, probably)


It was Mothers' Day, and the weather was fantastic. The April Crafty Wonderland was w-a-y crowded, but I think with the holiday and the sun, traffic in the basement at Doug Fir was much, much lighter.


Such a beautiful bonnet. Would definitely have bought if I were at your fair fair.

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