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September 18, 2006


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I will make one. I wouldn't call myself a really excellent crafter...but it would be fun and a different challenge!


I'm in! I just inherited a sewing machine, and this will be an easy second project - the first will be an apron for me! Great idea, Larissa!

joanna ratcliffe

I'd like to see the picture of Amy's reversible apron from the pic posted today! I'm in the uk and have been reading your blog for a few days, as I'm just starting my own and I like your ideas and stuff, as I'm an artist too and also have a lil boy!although mine is 2.5 n


I'd love to make one, but my sewing skills are pretty much non-existant. :)

I miss Burgerville. Especially their shakes. Oh, and they have sweet potato fries this time of year--the best!


Larissa - no problem! I'm behind on my charity work this year, so it's a great thing for me to do. I plan to start soon and I will blog about it - hopefully that will stir up even more participation. You might want to consider making a button. Let me know if you do, and I will diplay it on the main page. I think the Cafe au Play is a great idea, and although we don't have wee ones yet, when we do I'd love a place like that to frequent. You Oregonians are too cool. :)


i'd be delighted to make one for sure, or two, maybe, depending upon how much free time i have. please sign me up.


Could I make it from the AB pattern? Then I would! But I am afraid to buy YET ANOTHER pattern I won't make(as per my usual habit). :P

Jamie Grace-Duff

I can make aprons for you. Let me know how many would be helpful and email me all the details! You do such awesome things!

Natalie Strong

I have made exactly 2 aprons in my day, both for myself, and both a little amateurish, but I am pretty sure I can do a better job now that I've made some other things... You can put me down for one. I love the idea of the Cafe au Play!


Do I need a pattern? I could definitely do this. I also could probably send you some fabric if I get my act together in time. I have a bunch of fabric that I've been meaning to make into aprons.


I would love to make one in the hope that Cafe Au Play will someday extend to Berkeley, where I live. Or in the hope that I will someday move to Portland. What are the specifics? Thanks,



I'll make an apron. Gotta use that sewing machine sometime.


I'm totally in! Do I need to buy a pattern, or is a long, straight apron pretty much the requirement?


I'll happily donate 3 Sugar Roux aprons. You'll email the details?


Hi, I'm happy to make an apron for you - I've only ever made a couple before, but I'm up for a challenge!


This months issue of my favorite magazine, Mary Janes Farm, is all about aprons and includes patterns. Check it out!

sarah gilbert

i studied the pattern in detail on my trip to bolt yesterday (drool-worthy fabrics!) and I can't decide if it's brilliant or overly complex, but i know i'm going to love making it. the only challenge will be keeping myself from buying $100s of dollars of new fabric for the purpose.

ohm... sarah you have enough fabric already... ohm...

i love september and october! sewing season, if you ask me. halloween costumes and school plays and auctions, oh my!


I would love to make an apron for such a wonderful cause. Count me in.


I have one already made from an old Tie-One-On challenge. You're more than welcome to it. (I can even send pics!)


I have fabric and I'm cutting so - hopefully - I can add one to the pile! If I finish one, I'll try for another.

Pencil me in for one - I am trying to do it now while my 16 month old is in a good mood. ; )


Shoot - mine is waist down but it is not really straight cut like the Amy Butler ones. Does any waist down apron work? Email me with details. I guess I can keep this one if it doesn't work.


DO you have a suggested pattern?
I love aprons!

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