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April 26, 2007


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There! You've got it! That's why I can't stop the freaking miters! You knit a few rows and then it's like well, I'll just knit one more decrease then the purl back. Then you've only got a couple more sections and you think I'll just finish it. Then you have to cast on to the next one.

I can't start this Chevron scarf thing or I'd probably never sleep. Also, I hate knitting scarves.

Your is beautiful though and probably so nice and drapey with the lightweight on 5s. Enjoy "Just one more row" syndrome!

Liz K.

What a beautiful color combo you chose. I just made a chevvie too, and I have to say, it was the quickest scarf I ever made, for just what you said!

Kim U

I'm starting to feel like I can't escape making one of these! They all look so cool.

mamaloo, the doula

I love this pattern! That yarn works so well with it.

I've adapted the stitch pattern to socks and I'm thinking about getting in on the ripple craze with it.


i think your color combo is excellent. i have tried like 5 combos and can't find one i like. the last one i started will stay on the needles though because i think my friend might enjoy it.


I'm seeing these scarves all over the "blogosphere" and every one of them is so pretty! I can see how addictive it would be.


that's how i've been feeling about my scarf. i love seeing all of the combinations of colors that end up being right next to eachother.


I've eyeballed the book more than once, and this just might make the eyeballing give way! LOVE the yarn you're using for it, it looks great!

pamela wynne

Beautiful! I haven't seen a version of this that isn't lovely. I am going to have to make one. Dammit.

aimee noel

I made one out of a different pattern and it didn't call for two different colorways, so now I think I need to make another one. I wonder how long I can hold out before breaking down and getting more STR. I love how your scarf is coming along.


Watching the color combinations form and unform on a knit like that is so addictive. It's like a knit that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can totally see it being a 24 hour knit-- 24 hours straight.


Great color combination!


Wow! I had to stop de-lurking and make a comment. FThese are fabulous colors! Of all of these scarves I've seen others knit, I love these colors best. Great choice.

K. Anne

Lovely color combo!

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