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September 19, 2007


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Gorgeous photo...and can't wait for the book. I'm eyeing all my leftover sock yarn that's piling up and envisioning just how many squares I can get out of them...


I know exactly what you mean! I have a 17 MO old terror who is doing things like climbing on top of the dining table! My first never did that... this one is a challenge. So my house too feels not quite as cozy as it could. One day...


Oh, how lovely the Barn Raising Quilt is!!

Mama Urchin

I want your cake now too. I cannot wait to see the book.


The potty was nice, but this is gorgeous. And...... I see my square!! I see my square!!


The colors are ravishing. This will be the first book I've ever been moved to pre-order. Excitement!


The colors are ravishing. This will be the first book I've ever been moved to pre-order. Excitement!


Great news about the book & thanks for the update on the meathead hats.
The photo is fabulous!!


Love that photo!!! I can see my green square!

I can't wait for the book.




I can't wait for the book!


I see my square, too! It IS a lovely photo. Thanks for sharing it. Do you have the barn raising quilt? Did it go to live with someone else?

sarah gilbert

ooh, I can't wait for it either! this is almost as good as Harry Potter (except with this, I already know the ending... ;)

it's almost got me wanting to start casting on squares to make my *own* quilt.

pamela wynne

awesome photo! I cannot wait to see this book. :)


Wonderful phogograph, I am really excited to see the whole book - the wait for you and your family must be really hard! What fun to see a sliver of my square just peeking out from underneath the pink socks! Are you going to have a book signing somewhere?


I LOVE this picture. Really.


Hello, have been admiring your squares . What pattern did you use ? Is it one of yours that is going to be in your book ? Thanks so much, Judy


Yes, Judy, the pattern for these squares is in the "Barn Raising Quilt" patten in the book. Glad you liked it! Martin (the other author :)


Hi, I was wanting to make the Barn Raising Quilt for a Christmas gift. Is the pattern avalible ? For sale ? Hope so, Thanks so much, Judy from Alaska ~~~


Sorry Judy- the release date is March 15, 2008. I wish it was sooner, too...


I cannot wait to see the finished book. I will definitely be pre-ordering it. :)

Thanks so much for returning the hats. I was not sure if that would happen or not, but I am happy to have my two back. Just in time for the cold and rainy weather which has returned for the season here at home. I proudly wore my snowflake hat all weekend. :D

Congrats on the book and a release date! I know it will be beautiful.



Any word on the "We are working on some concepts for a huge kickoff party either in Pioneer Square or another public location that's near the MAX and near a LYS for the after-party." Some of us out of town peps gotta make reservations.

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