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October 14, 2008


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E to the M

This is fascinating. I don't know if I have the wherewithal to do it but it's getting my creative juices flowing. Thanks!

Cindy (maxfun)

Hmmm, I've been wanting to do something with the mound of sock yarn I have, but I'm not certain I could commit to this vast number of stitches. Have to ponder a bit. . . :)

Joy Wingert

Wow, that sounds like fun...no, really... i've doen something similar, thought it was a blanket...about 800 sts accross, and well, rows upon rows, upon rows of sts. I thinkit was like 50 colors, all told, at like 5 rows at a shot...


If I wasn't in the middle of holiday knitting, I would so do this!!! As a matter of fact, I'm noting this so I can try it after I finish all my other stuff! Thanks!

Mama Urchin

That is some challenge!


I love it! "Bind off loosely" is my absolute favorite part. No matter what the project, always, always, bind off loosely.


That must have been some bath lotion you were using.


oh my, i would so fail at that challenge, well, except the weeping part.
i can't wait to see your pattern in knit.1! i have one in the same issue!


This is reminding me of an incident that a friend had with William S. Burroughs. He was teaching a writing course and asked everyone to build a time machine as an assignment, and the next time everyone came to class and no one had attempted it--he was crestfallen!


Haven't people already done this? I've seen quite a few sock yarn scarves knit horizontaly show up in my friends activity lately.


Wow! This sounds lovely. Do you think the stitches would fit on a 60" needle? This sounds like a project fit for me. I am all about process knitting and I have so much sock yarn it's not even funny. :)



I'm sure they have, yes, done garter stitch scarves before. It's not a new idea or really a pattern per se. It's more a concept about knitting until you cry, or until some arbitrary thing happens.



You could scale it up to STR heavyweight at about a size 5 needle and 200 stitches and have something pretty wonderful. Maybe not weepy, but a 30 minute meals version of weepy.

Lately, I've been thinking about the STR chevron scarf and the Noro striped scarf and wondering what would happen if you turned it sideways, with something lovely like STR or Noro and alternated every 2 rows.


wow! I just stumbled in here and find you have an idea that appeals, yet may be the 'final straw' in knitting crazy. Love the yarn you have shown there. STR? Colorway?


Yup, STR in Jasper.


Casting on as I write....perfect idea!


the hard part would be the casting on of 770 stitches. after that it would be easy peasy. maybe i'll give it a try.


I love this color of yarn!!! It is just so awesome looking! I also just wrote down a note to remind myself to pick up knit1 for the pattern!


It disturbs me that I read this and thought, "Oh my god, I HAVE to try that." And yet, I think I'd be weeping immediately after casting on.

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