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September 26, 2005


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Absolutely adorable!


OK this could be twins with a hat I made for a little girl down the street (July 4th baby). I did it in cottntots on size 9 needles but I did the ruffle brim. After the decreases forming the ruffles I did an eyelet row and chained a contrasting color, threading that through to tie into a bow. I looked at lots of flower patterns but none of them clicked... so I stick with the brimband/bow. SO cute -- thanks for sharing the pattern!


Adorable! So, so cute!


that hat is so cute! i love it.


Oh dear. That is so cute I may have to find yarn and knit one this instant.


Is that LP Worsted or Bulky? Needle size seems large for worsted.


Aww! That is so precious. Thank you for sharing the pattern!


Woohoo! Another cute little hat to knit for my niece!

But ditto Jessica's question about worsted v. bulky...


Very cute! I wish boys could wear cute stuff like this. With two sons, I only get to knit boring hats and sweaters. But at least they wear them without complaining!


i dont even know any baby girls - but i'm going to have to make this hat and hope that i have one of my own one day to put it on!


I knit one up last night from some handspun. Very cute. Thanks again for the pattern.

wool winder

Very cute. Love the flower embellishment.


So cute! I'll definitely have to copy that down. Love the colors too :)

Katie C

Love the hat thanks for the pattern


Fabulous hat! If my little-one-in-the-making turns out to be a girl, I'll definitely give it a go!


Wow! I love your hat. I never realized my free flower pattern would reach so many people. Now, I see it popping up everywhere. I love the hat. You did an awesome job!



This is VERY cute. I think I'll actually attempt this one -- but circulars can be tricky for us newbies!


I love the hat. I made one in a few hours and posted pictures. Thanks for the great pattern!


than you for posting this pattern! i already made two and i LOVE it! so simple and quick!


I love the hat! Do you have any idea of what size it is? is it for a baby baby, or like a toddler? I can't really tell the size in the picture...

Laura Hannam

this is darling, I am also wondering if this is for a small baby or if it would be ok for a 12-18 month old??


what a gorgeous little hat! (don't you love it when people find these posts from months ago?! :-)

I'm going to make one out of cotton for a friend of ours who just had a baby girl. Thanks for sharing!


I love your pattern and I would like to make this as a gift. Can you tell me how to substitute Patons Bumblebee for the suggested yarn weight?
It needs to fit a 6.5 month old baby girl.



This looks divine, would love to make it for my 17mth old, how do I re-jig the measurements? Am an absolute newbie knitter.


Hi - Can anyone translate this pattern into English for me? I'm in London and I so want to knit it but I'm not sure what the tension (or do you call it gauge?) is here and I think American needle sizes are different too???? Can anyone help?


OMG! That is so cute. I think I'll have to make one for my brand new great-niece.


Made this for my daughter. So cute on her, but she won't leave it on. need to add some ties! But a darling hat. Made it in off white.


So cute, wish I had some small ones to knit to.


i just came across this pattern and I am a beginner at knitting. it is so cute that I must attempt it for my niece. My question is how big (circumference of hat) does it come out to with numbers above. My niece's head is about 18 inches now, how would I modify the number of stitches to cast on? please help and thank you for sharing this wonderful creation!


The hat is adorable, but when I worked it up, it doesn't look the same way, and not nearly as cute. I knitted each row, per instructions, but it looks like it should be knit, then purl, on alternate rows. I'm a beginning knitter. Can someone help me?


Yippee - I finally found the hat pattern of my dreams for my baby girl!! She is 14 months old and has a big old head. What is the finished circumference?


Could you tell me what size this hat is?
Would it fit a 12-18 month old baby?
Thank you

Norma Gerwig

This is adorable but what head size will it fit. My granddaughter is about an 18 inches head size, will this fit her?

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