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October 12, 2005


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I love this pattern! Thanks :)


Now the question is, where can we find this beautiful yarn?


Thanks for the great pattern. I think I might double or triple some single skeins of yarns I've got to make it without the color pooling? Kind of tweedy? Stunt knitting! Love the no-ends factor. Just knot 'em! Fringe 'em! Brilliant! xox Kay


I got this yarn at Knit-Purl in Portland, but it's from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It looks like their web site is being redone right now, and maybe they'll have the info soon.


Oh nice!
I think you definitely get the free pass on holiday knitting this year. I am hoping for one myself.


that's a really cool scarf. If I can ever find the yarn, I totally have to make one...for ME! :)


Larissa: Thanks for showing off our yarn! We couldn't figure out just why we were getting so many inquires about this yarn! The power of the internet! Our web site is in the hands of developers and should be operational sometime early December. I really appreciate the exposure and would love to comp you a nice skein of yarn. Please email me when you have a chance! Thanks again,
Kaci Kyler Hays, Blue Moon Fiber Arts


How many yards in that skein of yarn you used?


I did the "Larissa needs" in google and this came up....

Issa aka Larissa

heya i also did the "Larissa needs" from a FWD emails lol so funny

(QUOTE:Larissa's friends and family agree that Larissa needs a push.........)



Hello, I love the scarf, but am trying to figure out how you attach the yarn at the color starting point when you start a new row. Could you explain this to me? I can't wait to make this scarf but I'm stumped.


I really love that scarf!!! Is it for sale? :)


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