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December 02, 2005


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I had to take this survey, mostly because I make my living playing with statistics--I can't wait to see the outcome!


Interesting questions. Some of my answers had to be amalgumations. Is there going to be a piece made,based on the survey ?


Hi! I found your blog the other day and now I'm dead set on making one of those lovely pinwheel blankets, but for the life of me can't don't understand the directions. And yes, I am a new knitter. Would you mind giving me a pointer on getting started? Sorry for imposing, it just looks like you have a bit of experience with this one. :) Thanks!


That was a cool survey. Not what I expected at all.


The questions in the survey had me thinking about what I *really* like; and I'm afraid my answers might be somewhat contradictory, but I balanced what first came into my mind with what I thought about.

Is it possible to share the stats of the answers after the 11th? I'm curious...!


Interesting survey! It sort of makes me think about the projects I have in the stash; some of them don't match up to what I like to knit and wear!
And Stumptown! My favorite coffee; One of their roasters, Joel, was my husband's daughter's sweetheart for years. I still order from them, even though there are roasters closer to home!


just completed your survey; the list of possible answers were fun. good luck with the art project.


Fun survey! Thinking about the many different possiblities for knit art makes me want to knit something "out there"!!


I've enjoyed watching you work with the Tahki Donegal Tweed. It was one of the first yarns I ever purschased (years ago!) and I still have five skeins stashed. You've brought it back to life for me.

I also enjoyed the survey - let us know what you do with it! I think that knitting and knitted art is life-altering, and your work has long been an inspiration to me.


I hope you will share the results with us, just to satisfy our curiousity. I am t-h-i-s-c-l-o-s-e to finishing my pinwheel blanket but I've had to put it off until after the holidays.


I just found your blog thanks to knitty & wanted to drop a note to say I enjoy it and subscribed to it via bloglines :) Your baby is adorable, and your blog is interesting.


I enjoyed taking the survey. It really made me focus on what I like in knitting projects -- it also made me feel terribly center of the road, boring and traditional!


Thanks for the survey. It's the first time I've thought about those things. I pimarily do charity knitting which makes some difference in some peoples worlds. I have a closet love affair with knit-as-art, so it makes a differece in my world. Thanks again!
Lana Johnson


Yes. Could you please show us the results in the end?



anyone who can spend a couple of hours in target trying to see the "hand" in the machine made knits is my kind of gal. i didn't think anybody else did that too. i'm going to keep my eye out for you next time i am taken in by the minutiae of the 'ordinary'
beautiful, huh?

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