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January 06, 2006


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You were in JC? HUH! I'm like five minutes from JC and my husband grew up there. Did you come to JC or were you from there. Very interesting! I can understand the culture shock.

Kepler looks beautiful. The yarn is gorgeous.


OK I'll bite. It seems like a good turn-of-the-year thing to do.

Good luck with your Kepler--when it's all done you'll actually be able to wear yours! Mine's on the shelf until the baby belly is all gone...


I knew I like you for a reason! Everything IS better with coffee!


I love the yummy chocolate colored background! Gorgeous. Love your list too. The Cougar really is the best thing ever, isn't it?


I really, truly am trying to get to this meme/chain letter thing. I answered some of these in a meme awhile back, so I'll link to that and then answer the rest. Lately, though, I've been in a bit of a slump about blogging and other things, trying to go through the piles of bags of fabric and the likes, attempting to get realistic about what I'll really use and what I can let go. You know, THAT kind of stuff. So, I'm not blowing this off, just taking my own sweet time...
Kepler's looking great. I've got some Tahki Donegal Tweed just itching to be made into a vest for C sometime soon-ish.

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