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May 26, 2006


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Happy birthday!! Mine's tomorrow, but I'm celebrating today, too. I'll not be indulging so much as packing up all of my stuff and moving out of my house...ick. I'll find out today if I'm buying a new place in the Portland area, though!


My big plans for today include some lazy time at the pool. I'll lay out for a while reading my designated pool book and then hop in long enough to cool off and play around some. Ahh, summer. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!


happy birthday!!! it's our little girl's birthday today, too! we are going to be indulging in a very unhealthy version of carrot cake :)


Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

Pink Rocket

Happy Birthday!! after some packing maybe i'll myself something for a change!


Oh dear ... you've just given me an excuse to indulge! I've listed all of the crafty things I want to do this weekend on my blog. I will think of you and your birthday as I craft away ...


Happy birthday Larissa!


Happy birthday! Okay, tonight, before (going out to) dinner, I'm going to buy fabric for my first quilt before it goes off sale. How's that? :)

I hope it's a great birthday for you and you get to check off all your indulgences on the list.


Happy birthday!! Did three of the things on your list... and on my own, sat and cuddled an injured pet for a whole hour, and never thought about what I "should" be doing.

Oh, and BTW, I wrote about your sweater tutorial for blogher.org today.


A very happy birthday to you! To celebrate I think I will go see a movie with my husband. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!


What a great idea!
I got new sunglasses (well, that was yesterday actually, but it's a long-term indulgement), slept all afternoon, and then ate too much cheese.
Yey! :)
Happy birthday!!


happy birthday larissa! think of you often. :)


Happy Birthday! I am pouring myself a glass of red wine and am going to take it out on my deck as soon as I finish up on the computer. Ahhhh.

Heather in Seattle

Have a great birthday - we are going to Cupcake Royale for Friday after-work treats, so I'll have one in your honor. Your blog was one of the first I read, after I found you through an article at Knitty on your artwork. One of my favorites, along with Amy's!


Must always celebrate the birthdays! My birthday thing, as of my most recent one, is LEMON CURD ON TOAST for breakfast. This was given to me on my birthday in London, and it was like where have you been all my life, lemon curd on toast.

So have some lemon curd on toast! Happy birthday! xoKay


Happy Birthday Greetings from Tasmania!

I hope you have a great celebration..


Happy birthday Larissa! My indulgence in your honor was to walk to the new neighborhood ice cream place and get a rootbeer float. It was great. The owner even took a picture of me and the baby for the "wall of fame" so next time when I go back there I'll think of you and your birthday again!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm all for EVERYONE indulging in birthdays. There is no better reason to celebrate.

Janice in GA

Happy birthday!

=raises cup of strong, dark coffee in your honor=


Happy birthday, Larissa!


Happy birthday, you just inspired me to have a THIRD cup of coffee!


Happy Birthday! I have to go to work, but will be sure to drink a strong cup of coffee!

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