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June 03, 2006


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You're welcome- the photo looks wonderful as a fair-along button! This sounds like a great idea- oh how I wish I wasn't on the other side of the world to Portland!


Count me in! It sounds like fun!

sarah gilbert

yep! junior high, 7th grade to be exact. now i only have to decide what my "sport" will be this summer. so many events, so little time!


Oh, I have been thinking about the OR state fair ever since I read about it on your blog last year. Definitely count me in!


That is such a fun idea! I am such a fair geek. My mom and grandma are fair judges so my earliest memories are of fairs and summers were spent camping and going from fair to fair. Needless to say I have shoboxes full of ribbons. Last year was my 1st OR State Fair experience and I won a ribbon but was disappointed by the lack of competition. Thanks for this knitalong! I don't know what I'll knit but I'll enter something!


Is there a deadline on joining?

Natalie Strong

I have been knitting for about a year and a half, but I am new to community knitting. Can someone tell me about knit-alongs? I keep reading about them, and I think I get it, but I'd love it if someone would give me the hard sell and get me all excited about joining the fair-along. I am a solitary knitter... I'm itching to get out!


I'm in, Larissa! This sounds like fun. I used to enter the SC state fair all the time for tatting. I guess I'm a fair geek, too. =)


My husband's been trying to get me to enter the fair for years, this may be just the thing to get me to stay on task! Thanks for the great idea, Larissa!


I'm in too. Now to decide what to enter!


Hi Larrisa - thanks for setting this up for the PDX locals - I enjoyed meeting everyone last night - and getting a DOOR PRIZE (Thank you Abundant Yarn!).
Sign me up - making a vest of my own design - no blog.
Cheers, Kabira


I missed the party last night, but I wanna join. Does the item I make have to be an original creation, or is it okay to use a pattern?

sarah gilbert

i've definitely decided to do a blanket! I'm going to copy my design from Truman's baby blankie, but make it bigger and fewer colorways.

(and yes Jenni you can use a pattern)


I have just started keeping my blog, but I LOVE taking items to the county fair. One of the pictures you may view on my blog is of my daughter showing her steer...or practicing to show it as the official fair is around July 17th. I would love to do a fair a long!


Okay, sign me up. I won't be moving on this right away, though, because I've checked and the South Carolina State Fair doesn't run until OCTOBER. (Due to a later harvest, maybe?) But I will enter SOMETHING. I'm contemplating more than one category. Good luck to all!


Okay! I am going to list what I have saved for the upcoming fairs in July.

1 pair knit childrens mittens
1 pair knit adult socks
1 knit dishcloth
1 knit bulky scarf
1 beaded caterpillar bracelet
1 crocheted hot pad


1 pair of adult mittens

Now what?!


Larissa, count me in. This will be my first "along". Sounds like fun.


Sign me up too! I am going to enter my pretty flowery girlie sweater and possibly my cabled gloves (if I can get them done in time for the OSF). But I am really excited about the table setting . . . I had no idea I could competitively table set. I am so there!



I went to Abundant Yarn tonight, all excited to get started. No one was there. :-(

Count me in, though.



Hope it's not too late to join- I also have no idea what I'll make, but I love Abundant Yarns and want to try something- see you Thurs.

Aimee Noel

I hope it's not too late to join. I've been thinking about joining since you posted this. I have this green bag I'm knitting and gonna felt and decorate in some fashion. I'll try to make it to Abundant Yarn one of these times.

I've always wanted to enter something, but never really knew what to do.

Thanks for hosting this.

Aimee Noel

I'm not sure what happened, but that didn't link to my blog.. my blog is a-chan knits: http://home.comcast.net/~chiapetdiz/blog.htm


I'd love to fair-along. I'm a new Oregonian (one week!), so this sounds like a great way to just in feet first.


Is there still time to sign up? I've been checking out the LA County Fair website for a while- I'd love to join!


I just lost my mind and ordered entry tags for the Iowa State Fair so count me in!


O.K. fine. Sign me up since I'm sure I'll be entering anyways. I always do. Not the state fair, but the Lincoln County Fair.


Hi I am Canadian and I will be entering our provincial exhibition for the first time this year I'm just waiting for the mail to arrive with the entry forms so sign me up as well, sounds like a lot of fun


I've added this "Along" to the list of 2006 Knit-Alongs, hope you don't mind. Oh, and count me in. I'll be entering a few items into our little local fair this year. Last year I won first prize with a pair of socks!


I was just looking at my local fair and all the wonderful things you can enter and decided to give it a try this year. Having an "Along" to do it for makes it so much better. You rock! Not sure what I will enter but hooray.


This is excellent! I have been getting all my stuff together to enter my first county fair for the past month, and I'm sooo excited! For our fair, you can enter anything made in the past five years (I only started about 4.5 years ago!), one item per class. I'm going to be entering between 10 and 20 items! I have seven items made, three items in progress, and a digital camera in the mail...I'll be posting pictures ASAP!


Larissa, will you host this next summer too, please? Our county fair is closing today.

PS, the button is gorgeous.


Here are the results of my local fair! By entering this fair, I miss the State Fair...but I get to live at this local one (4H animals) so having something for me to do is worth it. I can also keep some of my better items for the state fair (next year). It will be interesting to see how the felted Lopi bag will do when there is actually a section for it! Check out my goodies here: http://rubberstamperstearoom.blogspot.com/2006/08/wanna-see-my-knitting.html


My results:
I got 2 Honorable Mentions (actually, I may have gotten a third, I couldn't see if the ribbon was on my piece or the one next to it!) which is like third place. There were a couple of things that I was annoyed about, only because it really didn't look like the winner should have won. In the baby blanket and scarf categories, I thought there should have been a different winner. I think my scarf was better than the winner's, but I know my baby blanket wouldn't have won anything! There were a couple of better blankets that didn't win anything, so that was sad. I'm glad I entered, and I will in the future, too!

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