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December 12, 2006


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Lovely choices!


Ooo, I am so glad you picked the one with the crayon pocket. That was pure genius.

Mama Urchin

You definitely picked some of my favorites. I don't know how you narrowed it down though.

Beth Mack

HI! I am sorry to bother you, but I was so inspired by the collection of pinwheel blanket pictures that I made one for little Zoe who is now two months old. I'd like to add the pic to your collection, Could you e-mail if that is possible thanks!

Beth Mack


Get well soon Larissa!
I'm thrilled to be one of the chosen Meatheads!


All of the photos are fantastic! What a tough job!


I'm also thrilled to have been included with such fine company, and to be a part of this wonderful project.

Hope you're feeling well soon too! Tummy bugs are no fun.


Eeeew, I hope you're feeling better soon, Larissa! It is No Fun to be sick, anytime, but worst at Christmas.

sarah gilbert

yuck, the throw-up chronicles continue! well, nice choices both of you, you picked many of my faves :) and I'm happy to be a "bonus!"


I do not see any fotos in the blog entry! What can I do?


I do not see any fotos in the blog entry! What can I do?


Awesome choices! And, this is the first knit-along that I finished before time was up! Thanks for letting me participate.


Great choices! Thanks for my goodies Larissa, it came today! : ) They are awesome!
Hope you feel better soon.


This was fun...thank you. I hope you're feeling better!


I fell behind on blog reading -- what a lot I've missed!

Get well soon!


Wow, I'm so excited to be in the alternate group--stunned, really!



i totally missed out on this hat, and it makes me very, very sad!!!! these are such fantastic results - god, i hate that i'm going to have to wait for the pattern now as this is kind of like, my ideal hat (i crocheted many pointy hats, lol) - even worse i'll probably have to wait for the library, since as a traveler i really can NOT cart around any more books... as a very new knitter i am not savvy enough yet, either, to work up my own knitted concoction based on what i can see...


Wow! I'm thrilled to be picked! Thanks so much and don't lose heart (or stomach). You'll feel much better tomorrow - I know from experience!


Woot! Congratulations everyone! What a fun KAL - actually, this one was the most fun KAL I have participated in to date. I am honored and humbled to have hats in your selection of the top group. This was great fun.


Hi! Congrats to Larissa, Martin & all in this KAL attempt! What a wonderful idea and this KAL seems fun but I hv missed it. Only just happen to stumble upon this blog upon searching for knitting stuff. Me just started to knit and wonder if this lovely meathead pattern can still be sent to me...

a rose is a rose

has your book been published yet? i really MUST have this pattern. it's WONDERFUL


hi priscilla & a rose is a rose, so glad you liked it. sorry, the book's not out yet, so the pattern is supposed to stay confidential until then. the knitalong was just a fun way of testing the pattern among a "private" group to see if it worked as written. we'll have a few more test knitalongs in the next few months (watch this site for announcements). cheers, martin


Nifty! I love the snakey one!


All the hats turned out fabulous! I can't believe all the variations.
Hope you feel better soon Larissa, stomach viruses are the worst.


oh shite! literally. so not cool. i hope you are feeling better soon. few things really trump bad stomach illness. you can't even really hang out with anyone...although the pets don't mind it.

the hats look so fantastic. i especially love the one with the descending sized buttons. so so cute! i must knit that hat. i am looking for the pattern asap

feel better! and when you do, it is your option to eat whatever the hell you want!


oops! is it possible for me to get the pattern? and! i spin crazy yarns, so i would be happy to um...donate some for your knitting efforts. i handpaint yarn, too, so i could do a special "meaty" colorway. huh? how cool would that be?


I had such a good time knitting meatheads. Thanks for the KAL, thanks for the pattern, thanks for the challenge to come up with our own variations--I loved it. I can't seem to stop. The combination of a cute, simple style and the bulky (read: fast) guage makes this pattern a perfect fit for me and my limited-availability knitting time.

I put two more meatheads up on the flickr group. I know I'm too late, but I really wanted to stick their pictures up with their pals. Anyway, thanks again and feel better soon!


what a fantastic project! they're just stunning!


WoW! I am sooo excited to see my hat up there with the chosen ones!

I may get off the couch and dance!

Katie J

I'm sorry to have missed the meathead knitalong! How can I get a pattern? It's just too cute!


Oh, I've just finished looking through the flickr pool at all of the meatheads, and wow... how inpsiring!

When is your book coming out? I'm thinking this pattern would be fantastic to use for the Dulaan project.


Will you be selling the pattern online? It's too cute!


So cute!! I love all of them.How can I get a pattern? :)

Best wishes, Maartje

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