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March 12, 2007


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Wow - that's amazing!


That came out so nice! Can't wait until we finally get to see the book.

Jenn S.

It looks amazing! Thanks for using my square. I was quite surprised! I can't wait for the book.

By the way, would you mind changing me from Somewhere, Midwest to Columbia, Missouri?



Is that mine in the upper right-hand corner? I can't tell. You can see my square at http://flickr.com/photos/54909134@N00/373459745/

sarah gilbert

it's sooooo lovely! i'm so happy you're done :)


Hi Betsy,

I'm afraid it's not yours because it seems to have more tan than yours. It's the one shown in this photo:

However, you should still keep an eye out because individual squares are going to be used as props in some of the other book photos and I do have yours in that pile!


Third from the bottom---I am not sure, but could be mine---it was brooklyn handspun yarn's chocolate covered cherries.


Oohhhhh, that blanket is marvelous!! Stunning!! Fabulous!!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having trouble with my attention span. I keep thinking of other projects no matter what project I'm working on lately. Have to just force myself to keep plugging away, ugh. Don't know what's up with me!!


I love it! All the colors went together so well. You all did a wonderful job.

I would love to see a pattern for these squares. I want to knit granny squares, but want something more interesting than garter stitch.

Um, and to add, I would be willing to knit you squares and send them to you.


Larissia, I am speachless that one of the squares that I knitted was choosen. I wrote the Yarn Pirate to let her know that one of the squares that I knit with her yarn was being considered and she was excited. She that the yarn looked so interesting in the pattern...she usually only sees it as sock. She will be thrilled.



The blanket is lovely!


The blanket is beautiful. I hope your photoshot went well. I was thinking about you yesterday. How exciting it must have been. What a relief that have the knitting and the sewing complete. I am really excited to see the book. Congratulations.


I tried to sign in to Flickr with no luck. My square is the one in the upper right-hand corner. I used Regia Crazy Color no.5437

Santa Clara, California


It looks wonderful! I wish that I had been in a better position to knit along while the book was in the works. All of the group efforts you coordinated are really great.

I know you're swamped, but when you get a chance send me a quickie e-mail on Cassie's family, so that I can coordinate our volunteers to make them hats. I have your address, so all I need are the kids' ages and genders.

You're on the homestretch with the book - it will happen!

xox, J



diana alexander

That is really the most wonderful blanket!!1 I love all the differenct textures and colors. How fun that all of you became a part of something, that together became so special. deedumpling


I love these! Is there going to be a book? I want this pattern!!!!

Willy Versteeg

Thank you for the inspiration. The afghan (is that the right name?) is wonderful. The colours too.Where can I find the pattern? Can I buy a book in the Netherlands?
Willy Versteeg


I love these! Is there going to be a book? I want this pattern!!!!

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