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March 07, 2007


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sarah gilbert

i'm thinking a dark purpley indigo with some of that kelly green and a couple of swoops of orangey-yellow...

and what do the internets think of the name "Alden"?


hee, hee. Ultrasounds are such fun. When I had mine a couple weeks ago the tech says, "Do you want to know the sex?" Hubby & I are both looking at the screen and I'm thinking that it is pretty clear that it's a boy. As we both give our consent to know she was all: "Whew. That's good because it is pretty obvious and you would have had to look away a few minutes ago." So helpful. I mean what if we didn't want to know? Shouldn't she have mentioned turning away before she flashed his little parts?

Mama Urchin

I vote or blue, then if it's a girl you could embroider a flower or two after the fact.


Don't forget orange!!! We did alot of orange.


Don't forget orange!!! We did alot of orange.


Tee, hee - Congrats to Sarah!

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