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March 05, 2007


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I'm going to post about this one last time. I'll pick winners tomorrow and send in my contributions with their e-mail addresses. Keep us updated on the total. This has been a wonderful effort!


Ooops. I meant Wednesday. I'll pick winners Wednesday!


love the pattern. love the cause. thankfully i got in on it under the wire, and I can whip one up before it's no hat wearing season! thanks again!


I just bought one so I can give the pattern to Cassie. We are going yarn shopping tomorrow night!


Hi Larissa, thanks for the reminder- I just purchased the pattern. I missed getting this pattern the first time around, so this is the perfect opportunity. This is a wonderful thing you're doing for your friend. I can't wait to see how much money you end up raising!


Yaaay!! That's awesome!! Wish I could've helped more. I am anxious to see the grand total! Now to get some free time to make my own meathead

Cassie Donn


I cannot express my feelings for all of your kindness. When Lori told me what you had done I was absolutely floored. Your thoughtfulness and generosity have truly touched me. If you could pass this on to your readers I would be greatful. Since the accident, I have been the recipient of uncountable acts of kindness. Never in my life would I have expected such an outpouring of love and prayers from people I have never met. I truly believe that all of the postive thoughts and energy that has been directed toward my family has helped us deal with this whole ordeal. Thank you all so much for your support. I'm not sure how much more I can express my gratitude except to say thank you and make sure that you give your loved ones hugs every day, because they always count!

Thank you again,

Leslie Cuvelier


I'm Chris's sister, Leslie from Iowa. I don't even know what a meathead hat is, nor do I know how to knit, but it sounds like I may have to learn. I have to agree with Cassie's comments. Our family is so grateful for all the wonderful people in Oregon who have been so supportive. We know this happens in small town Iowa, but we were worried about her until we made the trip to Oregon and saw and met so many of these people. Chris and Cassie have truly made a home and lifelong friends. Thank you again.

Alarming Female

dang! missed the deadline.


Sorry I missed the meatheat fundraiser. I'd love to buy the pattern from you still, can I?


Cassie & Leslie, I don't know if you're still keeping up with this, but we should be making our donation on Friday of this week. It will be more than $700. Any questions or problems please contact me (Larissa's husband). Thanks, Martin


Is there any chance I could still buy the Meathead pattern? If not, I understand. Thanks.

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