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May 23, 2007


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thanks for posting about this very important issue!


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm am shocked and appalled at how many places in the world treat women so badly. It's getting so it seems epidemic proportions (or maybe it's just that we are finally finding out- think that's more the case).

Because of you, I joined the runagogo. You are so inspiring!! Something in me clicked when I started reading your blog.

I will try to do my part running and with money. We can stop these things, one knitter at a time, uniting!!

sarah gilbert

... and more enormous every day. yes, i'd be happy to liveblog, and it will be oh-so-much easier if the iphone is out by then! wish me luck.

although i'm too hormonal to think about it much, the congolese women have been on my mind along with so many of the awfully-treated third world women for years. i can't think of a better campaign.


Thank you for your post. You are in inspiration! Good for you for not only promoting awareness of the issue but doing something about it.


Hey Heidi - I've posted this over at WhipUp. Let's see if we can help reach your original goal. http://whipup.net/2007/06/12/run-for-congo-women/


Now LARISSA - I'm a tool. Fixed the whipup post, I know you're Larissa, NOT Heida. Sorry about that!!


A very noble cause. I donated a small amount via paypal. you may mention my name as a donor of the day if you would like. Thank you for raising our awareness of these issues!


I just donated what i could, thanks so much for raising awareness about this issue. Of course you may mention me as a donor of the day, if it helps. Best of luck on the run, we're cheering you on!


Hmmm...I commented way back that I donated, but I came back to check on your progress and noticed my comment was not up. So, add me to the list! (I have my paypal receipt so I'm hoping you got the donation?)

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