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June 27, 2007


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Mama Urchin

Looks great, sort of autumnal.


the melted crayon description is just perfect. it turned out really beautiful.

pamela wynne

I love it! I don't think it needs a border -- so homey and perfect as-is.


I really like it! And I agree with Pamela- I think it looks great as is.

cristina - string*THEORY

the light really was perfect this is a beautiful photograph and even better shawl. nice work.


Heheh, Leo and I have been commenting, nearly daily, on the looooooong days. Every night, when we're tucking in and the last glimmers of twighlight are still flickering off in the distance, he laments that he's going to bed when there is still daylight.

The shawl looks great. It also seems substantial enough to be practical both warmth wise and durability wise.


I'm not a big shawl person but I love the look of this one. Beautiful colors!


Oh wow. It looks gorgeous. Just gorgeous. It's totally inspiring and I'm so glad you didn't wait to tuck the ends in before you posted a full pic. :)


Oh that's the best... It makes me think of a term my husband learned in Nepal, "rongy-chongy" which apparently means a whole big mix of colors. I love rongy-chongy things. It's beautiful!


It's beautiful!!


Oh how gorgeous! Mind if I link to it?


The shawl, the window the paint color, WOW....I just LOVE everything about this photo!
And really, the shawl is just sooo beautiful! I LOVE it!


lovely palette!


Just found your blog through Risa over at Librarian Knits. Love the shawl, and as a former Oregonian now on the west coast, I am so missing those long summer evenings right now!


I love it!


Very nice!


I just love the shawl! It's incredibly rich and textured and makes me want to reach into the picture and wrap myself in it. Because I can't quite get through a Kaffe Fasset pattern, this will be perfect for all my odd balls of yarn. Your site is beautiful as well. It seems you have a natural eye for beauty! Thank you for sharing.

Loraine Lee

I didn't know you were a Jersey Girl too. I grew up in Saddle Brook - where were you ? I also had to get used to the sun staying up all night.


The shawl is gorgeous; your site is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


The shawl is gorgeous; your site is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


The shawl is gorgeous; your site is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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