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June 23, 2007


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nostalgia in advance, yeah i get that. i, also, have nostalgia for past events that never occurred.

sarah gilbert

I was just thinking yesterday that summer was too far gone already... i've utterly lost my chance to plant morning glory, and chamomile, and more blueberries, and enough corn to feed the WHOLE family. I haven't even *thought* about opening the wading pool yet.

and, for future reference, the chocolate log thing is the Concord and it is my new fave. yum!


i'm so sad i missed it.
and let me know if the wading pool ever opens, sarah! we'll come by for sure.


I've been feeling the same way these days. Beautifully written post. I can almost taste the roasted chick peas.


The night ended too quickly for me as well. I really wanted to stay out until 10 pm. I can't believe I missed out on dessert :-(

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