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November 16, 2007


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Thats a real lovely scarf! I will get it in a while. Btw, i really love your blog. May I hv a link to your blog? Pls see if this is ok. My blog is at htt://handknitcraft.blogspot.com. Thanks!


That's way cuter with the little pops sewn on. I had a hard time visualizing what you meant when you described it to me earlier. Nice one!


I know. I should learn my lesson and never show people things I'm making until they're finished. They just don't look at all right when they're halfway there. Thanks, I'm glad you like it now.


That's really cute!! :D I think I might have to put that in my queue! :D


Do you have the paypal link to download your meathead pattern? Thanks


So great! I love your aesthetic!


Fun! I think I may get the pattern soon.

b from knitting harvest

Which two STR colors did you happen to use?


Wow, what a super cute scarf! Those 2 colors are beautiful. Please share what colors you used.


Hi everyone,

The lighter color is Ruby Slippers and the darker color is Lenore (which I found out after designing the scarf is not available except to sock club members). Many of Blue Moon's other raven colors are similarly dark.



That's sooo cool! --- and what a lovely brown cord jacket you're wearing ;-)


Love. It.

sarah gilbert

I'm afraid to buy this pattern because then I'll be forced to go buy three skeins of STR (why 3? because I can never pick just two...)

it makes me smile just to look at it, though.


I love this! Love it! I needed something to brighten my day.

Sarah R

Love this scarf....I plan to download it as soon as I get home. I am thinking some felted Noro would make nice blossoms. (I can't help it. I see them as flowers.)

Very cute.

Sarah R

Larissa - Help! I want to buy your pattern but when I click on the "buy now" button it just takes me to Paypal's front page. I don't know who to send the money to! Could you email me your address, so that I can buy this lovely pattern? Thanks!

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