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May 12, 2008


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ina and gumby

... yippee ... will we soon see the display of all of them in the art installation ... had just been wondering what ever happened with that project ... wishing you the very best ... you will let us see non?! ... happy days ... mille baci ..


You have made my morning...thank you so much! I've been wondering how you would ever find the time in your schedule to fit in the dishcloth project. I cannot wait to see the finished exhibit. Thanks! Cindi


Larissa, you are awesome. I will also not be getting the nap that I need, but I'll send some wakeup vibes whenever I have a few to spare this week!

elizabeth a airhart

dear larissa
lovely display of our dish cloths
thank you -you may indeed print
my pattern indeed you may
hope the book tour is a good one


My 18 yo son,bless his heart, gave me your book for Mothers Day!!! He didn't even know I read your blog or that I wanted your book. Just took himself to Barnes and Noble and saw it on display and got it . yippee
I love it too...
Just thought you should know that little bit of serendipity


Not sure if I am late to the contest, but I would love to play along! Discovered your blog over at SITC - Stacey :o)

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