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May 21, 2008


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Sending love to Ellie and you all, wishing you safe travels, loving the looks of the cloths all snugged together and wondering where I can purchase a ticket for the strawberry train?


Sending love to you and Ellie -- she's lucky to have people that love her like this.

b from knitting harvest

Safe travels and my sympathies to you and yours on Ellie. I love the LBI Foundation where the cloths are going. Spent many a time there at arts and crafts festivals in the last 30 some odd years.


Sending best wishes for your travels and my sympathy for Ellie and your family.

Pam Michael

I love these wash cloths. Do you know any of the patterns are?


have a safe trip! and i'm so sorry about ellie :(


Keeping sweet Ellie in my prayers...She has been a good companioin, in deed.

Great one, Sebastian! I love Sebastian's prose poem.

Safe travels. xo

~Auntie Lynette~

elizabeth a airhart

thank you for haveing my square
the square with the breast cancer ribbon
may is the month i had the radical operation
now here i am 8 years later in your art show
many thanks i am just ever so pleased


I wanted also to thank you!!! How emotionant to have my square there! I just did a helleborus pattern but ... I also had a radical operation (ovarian) two years ago and survived of cancer and I'm SO happy I did!

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