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July 08, 2008


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That is wonderful. It's not just your bike, it's your freedom! :)


Super cool!!!


Oh wow, that is so cool!


Very Dutch! Looks like fun fun fun!

aimee noel

I'm so jealous! I was just looking at the Xtracycles yesterday and drooling. Maybe when my kiddo is big enough to ride I'll get one (and maybe the shop will be open again!)


Oh this is just too cool!


Very cool set up!

I got an Africabike this summer to ease my care usage, and it is the most delightful, wonderful thing in the world to pedal to the post office, library, and grocery store!

Bravo for bikes!


Woot! It's the Portland Mini-van! (coveting)


Oh, wow! I covet one of those! I go drool over them and their cousins, from time to time, at clevercycles.


How cool!


How exciting, LB! You are too cute with your son on that awesome contraption:)


The one down side: It does not fit in the office elevators. :( I don't think it will in our new building either. It's about 8 feet long.


Hooray for the Xtracycle and cycling in general! Biking is so much fun, even with many pounds of kid being towed along behind you.


Sweet ride!

Have you heard of the Slow Bike Movement?


Another blog I read is xtrasue. She loves her xtracycle, too.


shannon in oregon

slowly is the best way to go.

Marcia Louise

WOW, You totally made my day!! I have been lusting after the Townie's, but this is over the top. How devine for you to have this mode of transportation available at this time in your life. I congradulate you, and three cheers for not giving up hope of owning your dream ride!! I did my stint of carting a toddler to and from daycare and me to work. I so wish I had something back then as wonderful as this bike to get us around town. That toddler is now 38yrs. old!


i want one!

Katherine of it All

This reminds me of my mom biking four kids and several pounds of groceries in one bike trailer all over town for many years of my childhood.

You two look so cool!


oh I love - I'm halfway there - just waiting for the latest batch of xtracycles and bobike to be ready. Can't wait. So, is that the bobike flip seat? I'm trying to finalize how I set up my 4year old and my 8 month old. Any hints for the newbie rider with kids?


That is so totally AWESOME! I have a Townie as well, and can just imagine the possibilities....


beth h


Yeah, aren't Xtracycles cool? I love mine!
Congrats on evading the bummer life in a cool way!


Great photo (and post). I too have taken on a similar joy of biking. A reintroduction to something that I had loved as a kid, but gave up in my teens.

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