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August 06, 2008


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OK so this is STUNNING and FABULOUS.

You go girl! Pitch it IN THERE. Use your slider!

xo Kay


This is soooooo cool! Right across the plate, OK? Good luck!


Congratulations, that's pretty cool! I hope you get pictures. :-)


Wow! It's a knitting baseball fan's dream. Sinker, curve or fast ball? :)


Good luck! I think that's so cool.


Whooo Hooo!

That is great!

Have a great time and please post lots of pics :)

When you are done you can watch the West Wing episode about the president throwing the first pitch...


How fun! Good luck.


"Swing batta batta swing"! So excited for you and wish I were going to be there...do you have a good outfit picked out?;)


Is it for a Stitch n Pitch night? B/c I've always thought it would be cool for a knitter to throw the first pitch on a SnP night. Even cooler would be to throw out a ball of yarn or a felted baseball. Have fun. Luckily we had enough non-knitting family members at our SnP to warn us of possible foul balls whenever a right-handed batter came up (small minor league park, manymanymany foul balls, more rightys than leftys...) so no knitters were injured at the game. :)

peter cowan

no way!!!!

i wish we could go!


Larissa, I just did this on Tuesday. It'll be very surreal -- make sure your photographer (husband? :-) gets a nice long shot movie on your camera when you throw your pitch!

You'll do great!


ohhhhh!!! have the best throw ever!
and a hot dog, and a coke, and popcorn, and fun.


You forgot about Amy Singer! She just threw out the opening pitch at a Toronto game not too long ago. Go knitters! Represent! : )

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